100 best mehndi designs for hands

100 Best Mehndi Designs For Hands ! Yes we are bringing best mehndi designs for hands images only for you. The previous post was quit awesome and we are trying our best to provide the best quality mehndi designs only for you. Till now we published a few mehndi designs and that are going viral and thanks to you that we are getting a very good comments about our mehndi designs. So, enjoy these 100 best mehndi design for hands images.

Best Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Which makes an women special is the mehndi that they are wearing in the special eve. No matter the eve, the only reason that makes the women special is the stain. Enjoy these awesome henna designs and then we will discuss more about how to make the mehndi designs.

How to make an awesome mehndi designs for hands :

First of all, there is no rocket science about the mehndi designs. Its all about art and how you make your designs. Well, we discussed more distinctly about preparing the designs, so here we will provide a gimps of it. So lets began with step 0.

  1. Make a clear design of your hand on the paper. You can easily do this by just sketching the outlines of your hand putting your hand on the paper.
  2. Then sketch the original design patterns.
  3. Always remember the keynote. That is when designing the mehndi designs, never fill with many small elements. Because, when you will print the actual design on your hand, it will look mash and it may destroy the entire designs. But if you are a professional then you can go with it.
  4. Then its time to arrange all the tools that needed to make the design.
  5. Before applying the design, clean your hand with some alcohol. You can use nail paint remover  and it will work as  good as alcohol. Keep your hand like as it is for some time.
  6. Then this is the step to apply the actual design. Apply the design very slowly and observe well.

So, these are the main steps to apply a very beautiful looking mehndi designs and now its time for some more best mehndi designs for hands images.

Some more best mehndi designs for hands:

Here are some more best mehndi designs for hands images.

Final Reading :

Mehndi is the only tool which makes an women beautiful. Yes, its true. Its not the ornaments that they used to ware. But its the awesome looking  mehndi which makes the women more attitude full .  So, here is the best mehndi designs for hands and hope you like it.


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